Blending & Packaging

Strebor Specialties, LLC is your single point source for product blending, packaging, labeling and shipping directly to you or your customer.  Whether you are just getting started with your own liquid or aerosol product, or you are a large scale manufacturer who needs to outsource blending and packaging for specific products, we can fulfill your needs.



  • Using your new or existing formulas, we can assist you to help determine specific formulations which may improve the performance of your product and optimize the use of components through in-house and independent testing.
  • We can perform analysis and certifications for your products, based upon your needs.
  • We can fill a variety of sizes or styles of aerosol can using various propellants to your specifications.
  • We can fill any size or style of liquids from 2 ounces to bulk truck loads.


In addition to our On Demand Blending services, Strebor Specialties, LLC can provide turn-key services including formulation, liquid blending and filling, aerosol filling, container filling, labeling, packaging, and shipping. So, if you have a product idea, or need a place where everything necessary to get your product to market can be completed –  we are that place and would love to hear from you.

Bring us your idea or plan for a liquid or aerosol product and we will help you develop it into a reality. From blending/filling, labeling, packaging, repackaging, display design, and promotional needs, Strebor Specialties, LLC has the experience and background to see your project through to completion.